Jill Squires is an Early French Immersion honours graduate from Gonzaga High School in St. John’s, and is pursuing an International Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science with a minor in French at Memorial University. Jill is interested in exploring public policy, governance, and international affairs with the goal of pursuing a law degree. 


“I am honoured and grateful to be the 2023 recipient of the Morrison Scholarship. Through my academic studies, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work, I have learned the importance of leadership, giving back, and supporting others. I look forward to pursing my post-secondary studies and aspiring to Kathryn Morrison’s example as an agent of change and advocate to improve the communities in which we live.” 

 -Jill Squires, 2023 Morrison Scholarship Recipient

Chloe Soper is a graduate of Holy Heart of Mary High School in St. John's. She is currently pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Political Science with a Minor in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, and a Microprogram in French as a Second Language at the University of Ottawa. 

During her first year of studies Chloe interned for Member of Parliament Gord Johns and become a frequent volunteer for Ottawa Capital Pride. Following the completion of her undergraduate degree, Chloe hopes to study Law with a focus on International Human Rights.


"Receiving the 2022 Morrison Scholarship provided me with the opportunity to show my skills in writing and analysis and help me with the cost of post-secondary schooling. Being a recipient of the Morrison Scholarship has allowed me to engage with like-minded, politically driven youth and has shown me the importance of being politically active in my own communities."

 -Chloe Soper, 2022 Morrison Scholarship Recipient

Rachel Hawco from the town of Rushoon on Newfoundland’s Burin peninsula has been awarded the Morrison Scholarship for 2021. A Grade 12 student at Christ the King School in Rushoon, Rachel is completing an International Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Memorial University. 

Rachel has had a passion for politics, government and law for many years, and hopes one day to embark on a career in law or public service. She has been involved in many projects in her community, including organizing events and activities with her local youth club. 

Rachel’s assignment for this year’s Morrison Scholarship included novel ideas for improving voter turnout and engagement in Provincial elections, and demonstrated her clear passion to improve Newfoundland and Labrador’s democratic process.


“What sparked my interest in politics is the ubiquity of the subject. Politics may be frustrating, upsetting, eye-roll inducing and downright dangerous at times, but it is crucial to our society. Politics influence nearly every aspect of our lives. If we do not engage with politics, we do not progress. The ability to use politics to improve others lives for the better is what truly ignites my strong fascination with the subject. That is ultimately my goal, to wield my passion for politics to create impactful systemic changes that will improve society for the better.

“Coming from a small town, I’m hopeful that moving to a bigger city will provide me with the opportunity to connect with a vast network of like-minded people and the chance to form new friendships. I’m beyond excited for this new adventure in my life and extremely grateful to the Morrison Scholarship for helping me follow my dreams!” -Rachel Hawco, Morrison Scholarship Award recipient

Erica Evely is a graduate of Carbonear Collegiate, and was the 2020 Inaugural Morrison Scholar. She is attending Memorial University to complete an International Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science. Her end goal is to pursue a Law degree with a focus on human rights.

Erica has always had a keen interest in politics and global affairs and has pursued these interests through participation in the Newfoundland Youth Parliament, the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation, the United Church General Council, and Encounters with Canada’s Global Affairs program. She is passionate about the arts, travel, and community involvement.

Travel has influenced Erica to become concerned about racial injustices and economic inequality. By stepping outside of her community, province, and country (five continents so far), she has gained an understanding of the hardships endured in many parts of the globe. She believes that many of these problems are the result of how governments deal with social and humanitarian issues, and this has encouraged her to pursue a career that allows her to work within the government’s system to open official avenues towards policy and systemic changes.


“I am so grateful for this scholarship, not only for allowing me to connect with others who are equally passionate about making significant systemic changes, but also for allowing me to focus on my studies rather than the financial worry that many students face. I look forward to staying involved and continuing to make a positive impact.” - Erica Evely, The 2020 Inaugural Morrison Scholar

In February 2021 Erica hosted the Morrison Scholarship's panel Being Heard 2021 to discuss improving representation in Newfoundland and Labrador politics in the lead-up to the Provincial election.